1. How long has Dr. Utke been practicing dentistry?
Since 1985, Dr. Utke has provided quality care for the residents of Colorado Springs and continues to serve his community with top-notch dental care.

2. Where is the practice located?
Flintridge Dental Center is located at the Southwest corner of Flintridge Drive and Vickers Drive, with easy access from Academy Boulevard, Union Boulevard and Powers Boulevard.

3. When is the practice open?
The practice is open at the following times:
Monday 8am-5pm
Tuesday 8am-6pm
Wednesday 8am-4pm
Thursday 8am-6pm

4. Is the practice currently taking new patients?
Yes, we always welcome new patients. Click here to make an appointment!

5. How often should I come in for an exam and cleaning?
Most patients are seen twice a year but our practice will create a care plan that is specific for each patient. We have patients that are seen every 3,4 or 6 months depending on their needs.

6. Does the practice treat children?
We do see children, and recommend well checks for children one and a half to three years of age. We encourage steady positive reinforcement, so that by age five dental visits are just part of the routine.

7. What can I do about my discolored teeth?
Discolored teeth can be treated in many ways depending on the underlying issues of the teeth and the personal wishes of the patient. One option is custom made bleaching trays. Nowadays, there are a large number of bleaching products available at any concentration or strength, and even some that can decrease the issues of sensitivity. For more advanced aesthetic needs, we use any number of techniques to improve the look and function of your smile. Veneers, all-ceramic crowns, bonding and implants are just a few ways to improve the color of your teeth.

8. What does the implant process involve?
The implant process involves three main phases. The first is the surgical phase in which the bone, tissue and root formed titanium implant are stabilized, placed and integrated. The healing phase occurs during the months after the surgery and is critical to the success and longevity of the implant. The third is the restorative phase in which Dr. Utke designs and creates, sometimes with the use of computers, the crown and fixture parts that will create the best possible tooth-like replacement. Our patients unanimously agree that this is the best way to replace individual or multiple teeth.

9. What insurances does the practice accept?
We accept almost all insurance programs that are not HMO’s. We are in network with Aetna, Assurant, Anthem- Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, Delta and United Concordia.

10. Does the practice offer bridgework?
Our office offers bridgework that is fixed and bonded to the teeth, as well as provides removable partials and dentures.

11. Can I get x-rays done right there at the practice, or will I have to go elsewhere for that?
Our office has a digital x-ray on site that can do most standard x-ray needs for our patients.

12. If need be, does Dr. Utke perform extractions, or will I have to see a specialist for that?
Dr. Utke does provide extractions and various other oral surgery treatments to his patients. Depending on the complexity of the procedure or a preference for various IV sedation options by the patient, there may be a need for a referral to a specialist. Dr. Utke’s years of working with the outstanding dental specialists of the Pikes Peak Region gives you peace of mind in that any specialized care you need will be coordinated and performed with the same level of care and professionalism.


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