• Professionalism and Experience

    As a cornerstone of the Colorado Springs community for more than 25 years, patients can see that Dr. Utke is a highly competent dentist with a well-trained staff. The team consistently invests in ongoing education to be sure that you will always have the latest and highest quality treatments, materials and procedures.
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  • Welcoming Atmosphere

    Flintridge Dental Center has that small-town feel that makes going to the dentist enjoyable. Join in on easy conversation and get to know everyone there. Dr. Utke and his staff are kind, friendly folks who will get to know you on a personal level in order to find the care plan that works best with your specific situation.
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  • Genuine and Personalized Care

    From the moment you arrive at Flintridge Dental Center, it’s clear that something is different. Dr. Utke and his staff treat patients like family and friends. You can feel at home and comfortable when visiting Flintridge Dental Center because they have your best interest in mind and want to give you quality, personalized care.
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  • Community Involvement

    Dr. Utke’s integrity extends beyond his practice. He is currently serving on the Executive Committee of the Colorado Dental Association as Vice President, and is also a member of other government and organized dentistry task forces, holding positions on the Peer Review Committee, Sunset/Dental Practice Act Committee Strategic Planning and Strategic Planning Committees.
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  • Meet Dr. Calvin Utke and Dr. Kirsten Ziuchkovski

    Our doctors are true dental experts, providing professional and personalized care to all of our patients. We look forward to getting to know you during your next appointment.

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A general family dentistry practice with a long track record for providing genuine and personalized care.

From the moment you arrive at Flintridge Dental Center you can see that Dr. Utke, Dr. Ziuchkovski and the staff treat patients like family and friends. They welcome visitors as if they have known them for years, as they have in most cases.

Since 1985, Flintridge Dental Center has provided quality care for the residents of Colorado Springs and continues to serve his community with top-notch dental care. Flintridge Dental Center has that small-town feel that makes patients feel comfortable from the moment they enter the office. Relaxed conversation and an approachable staff make it even easier to feel at home at Flintridge Dental Center.

When you come to Flintridge Dental Center, you can be sure you are getting genuine and personalized care.

Dr. Utke, Dr. Ziuchkovski and the staff here will only recommend the treatment options that are really needed for your best health. And once you choose a treatment plan, Dr. Utke and Dr. Ziuchkovski will make sure you are feeling relaxed, confident and cared for throughout the process.

Flintridge Dental Center was established specifically to help people just like you obtain excellent oral health and an overall healthy life.


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